Houston Weight Loss Program

A personalized medical approach to weight management

At Doctors Clinic Houston, we offer weight loss programs varying in scope. We are equipped to help you with your weight loss intentions. We are a medical facility with the latest in technology to assist patients feel and look the best they can. We offer affordable prices in our clinics. We have a wonderful staff ready to medically evaluate, educate, monitor, and help you achieve the lifestyle and body type through our weight loss treatment center at any of our six locations throughout Houston. Encouragement is such a necessary part of weight loss that we assure you that our medically trained and qualified personnel are here for you – the person in Houston, looking for a weight loss program, whether it is for medical necessity or aesthetic needs.

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Maintaining a healthy weight for your body is one of the single most important things that you can do for your overall health. This is why the healthcare providers at Doctors Clinic Houston are committed to helping patients achieve and maintain healthy weight goals throughout the lifespan.

Our Weight Loss Program

Each person’s body weight is a result of many complex factors including genes, metabolism, environment, culture, lifestyle, and behaviors. For this reason our providers work individually with each patient to create a personalized weight loss clinic plan based on their unique needs. We include:

  • Comprehensive and private medical evaluation to identify underlying causes of weight gain and determine the best treatment course available
  • Integration of natural supplements with traditional diet and exercise treatment modalities
  • Ongoing medical counseling and support from a qualified health professional

Weight and Your Health

As the second leading preventable cause of death, obesity is one of the most serious health problems our society is facing today. Being overweight or obese significantly raises ones risk for many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension,, stroke, liver disease, respiratory problems, arthritis, and infertility.

Are you overweight?

Medical professionals use a system called the Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine whether or not an individual is within a normal weight range for their height. People who maintain their weight within a normal BMI rage tend to live the longest and have the least amount of weight-related medical problems.

  • Normal Weight = BMI of 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight = BMI of 25-29.9
  • Obese = BMI of 30 or greater

Use the chart below to determine your BMI using your height and weight measurements.
weight loss houston, tx

Identify underlying causes of weight gain

The first step in our weight loss program is to determine the cause of the weight gain. Doctors Clinic Houston healthcare providers believe that there are 5 basic reasons why many people may be overweight. These include:

1. Excessive carbohydrate intake

The single most important lifestyle modification that will help you to lose weight is minimizing carbohydrates in your diet.

weight loss program houston

For most patients, avoiding carbohydrate-rich foods such as like bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, beans, sugar-sweetened foods (candy, fruit and baked goods) and sugary drinks (sodas, juices and sports drinks) is enough to lead to significant weight loss. Without carbohydrates in your diet to use as fuel source, your body instead burns fat. This simple modification leads to very efficient weight loss. Below we have provided you with several links to additional weight loss plans written by physicians who believe in a “low-carb” diet for weight loss:

  • Atkins
  • Zone Diet
  • Protein Power
  • Sugar Busters
  • South Beach Diet
  • Carb Counter

2. Hormone imbalance

Hormones have a very powerful effect on your metabolism and any imbalance can significantly impact your weight. The most common hormones which cause weight gain are:

  • Thyroid hormones (both T3 and T4)
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Cortisol
  • DHEA

Hormone testing should be considered in all patients who are overweight. If these evaluations along with medical history and physical examination demonstrate that a hormonal insufficiency is present, then treatment is generally indicated. However, it should also be noted that it is not enough to have hormone levels within a “normal range” according to lab values. Hormone levels should be optimized by a qualified healthcare professional for each patient based upon individual factors including age, gender, and other medical conditions.

3. Food allergies.

Eating foods you are allergic to can lead to weight gain along with fatigue, nasal congestion, swelling, gastrointestinal discomfort, acne, problems with concentration and memory, and mood swings. Some of the most common food allergies are to yeast, dairy products, wheat and eggs. Elimination and rotation diets as well as allergy testing may be necessary for a patient to ensure success in his or her weight management.

4. Side effects from medication.

Many medications have the side effect of weight gain. Some antidepressants, diabetic medications, and synthetic hormones such as those in birth control pill, injections and intra-uterine devices and menopause management medications can cause weight gain. Finding alternatives for these is essential for proper weight management in many patients. However, a medication should never be discontinued without proper evaluation by a medical professional.

5. Stress or depression.

Many patients don’t eat out of hunger, but rather as a coping response to emotional distress or depression. Doctors Clinic Houston weight loss center offers both natural supplementation and medications to treat stress and emotional eating. Furthermore, we encourage treatment of the underlying emotional condition in order to ensure success in reaching ones weight loss management goals.

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