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At Doctors Clinic Houston, we offer a low cost, affordable drug test. We can complete all exams and provide the documentation necessary for your Drug screening or drug test. Our doctors make sure to handle all DOT procedures quickly and effectively, all in our first-rate clinics, so that you could go back to being productive in the marketplace.

What can you expect on your DOT Physical Exam?

The procedures of the exam appear to be very nebulous to most who have never taken one, and this uncertainty about what is to come can indeed engender some anxiety. Whether you are male or female, old or young, the procedure is the same. At Doctors Clinic Houston, we have made great effort to develop a logical, consistent process that all our doctors and specialists adhere to.

You can Expect:

  • A brief evaluation of your medical history. This includes the medications you’ve taken over the years, the supplements you’ve been using, and the vitamins you’ve been deficient in. This part of the process is often done with great celerity.
  • Blood pressure evaluation. At Doctors Clinic Houston, we are cognizant of the importance of a stable and healthy blood pressure. We want to make sure that your blood pressure meets the regulation compliance.

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  • General heart examination to ensure that there aren’t any underlying conditions which may lead to trouble in the future. Our doctors are heavily concerned with the health of your heart, and we have become very sensitive to the proper functioning of this vital organ. With our doctors, you can bet that your heart will be examined rigorously and with great care.
  • Standard vision examination. Without question, the proper functioning of the eyes is incredibly important. At Doctors Clinic Houston, we will check your pupil reflexes, peripheral vision, and so on.
  • Complete urine analysis. Here, we will be looking for specific gravity, protein, blood or sugar in your urine.

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