Physical Therapy

At Doctors Clinic Houston, the physical therapy team frequently communicates with patients in order to bring about rapid recovery. Our physicians and therapists are trained to handle a variety of conditions resulting from surgical recovery or direct treatment. The conditions that are diagnosed and treated by our physical therapists include the following:

  • Injuries to the shoulder and rotator cuff region
  • Pain in the neck and back
  • Pain to one or more joints, including elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, or feet
  • Acute or chronic tendonitis
  • Injuries resulting from collision accidents (ex: auto accidents)

Physical therapy is a method of treatment often employed in cases where the body has suffered a major trauma, and rehabilitation is required to restore normal movement and function.

physical therapy houston

A Doctors Clinic Houston physician may determine that you require physical therapy depending on a variety of factors. Among the benefits of physical therapy is that it is safer, cheaper and less invasive than surgery, while still as effective. In addition, physical therapy seeks to address and correct the root causes of certain conditions through exercise and lifestyle changes. This makes physical therapy a viable alternative to other medical correctives such as surgeries and drugs.

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