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The Benefits of Vaccines & Immunizations

I have grown up in an age where most most of my peers were, and continue to be, incredibly skeptical of the government. They feel as though the men in power lie to their citizens time and time again in order to pursue their own agenda. Conspiracy theories abound in the minds of millennials, and they’re only going to grow.

Now I’m not one to jump the gun and say that they are all a bunch of loonies, but hey, life’s short – time is limited – and I cannot spend my entire life determining whether these conspiracies are true. Some are outright ridiculous, and can be thrown out right away. Others, not so much.

There is one new conspiracy, however, that is gaining all the buzz these days – and it happens to be about, of all things: vaccines.

Yes, apparently the government has decided to buy out your doctor!

Now we’re being facetious here; but unfortunately, humor and sarcasm cannot be used to refute an argument. It’ll take a bit more than an appeal to humor to dispel all these theories about how vaccines cause autism (just one of a slew of supposed vaccine reactions).

So what is it about vaccines that the conspiracy theorists are pointing to? Apparently, there is this theory that eugenicists are trying to sterilize the population as a way to reduce the number of people in the future. So where is their evidence?

That’s the thing. It’s shoddy. It’s not waterproof. People have mistakenly confused correlation with causation – assuming that just because there are links between two different phenomena, that one caused the other.

Apparently there was a Wakefield study that came out – fraudulently linking vaccines to the development of autism. This one study spread like wildfire and had half of the world raising an eyebrow about the need of vaccines. Of course, I’m no expert myself, but merely looking at history will invalidate the conspiracies that people are being injected with dangerous chemicals; a history that displays the successful prevention of smallpox, deadly flus and many other horrible illnesses with the help of vaccines.

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So come in when you can and make sure to get yourself and your family immunized. Often it’s worth it to defer gratification and take precautionary measures. In the immediate now, it may seem like an inconvenience, but believe us when we say it – you’ll totally regret not being proactive if you end up with some ungodly illness that’ll leave you bedridden for weeks. Vaccines are an insurance policy – and a relatively small price to pay, given how pernicious the recent illnesses of our age have been. And with the doctors we have at our disposal, the price you pay will be even smaller – both from a money and time standpoint.