A More Fit Family

Guide To a More Fit Family

Are you wondering what you and your family are going to this summer? The most important thing is to keep yourselves active! Try these simple suggestions to getting in better shape:

  • Take the family to an activity that requires walking. Instead of going to a movie why not try a trip to the park, zoo, botanical gardens, museum exhibits or something similar. Make sure to pack healthy snacks for the day!
  • Plan family exercise excursions: jogging and walking around the neighborhood is a great idea, especially if you have family pets that you would like to take out.
  • Sign up for activities or classes at your local YMCA, gym or summer school sports programs. Many of these places offer family oriented activities.
  • Go grocery shopping together so you can get out of the house and teach your kids the importance of foods that fuel them after exercise.


Click link to read chart of 60 Minutes a Day: Where Kids Live, Learn & Play!



For more information visit the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Source: www.fitness.gov