Medical Facial Treatments | Houston

Have you considered a medical facial treatment from the Houston Medical Spa Treatments experts at Doctors Clinic of Houston? What is a medical facial? A medical spa facial treatment is obviously a facial, under the care of a REAL doctor. These facials are handled in a spa-like manner and can consist of exfoliating of the facial skin leaving the skin brighter and younger looking. Deep pore cleansing is necessary for healthy cell rejuvenation, and with a bit of retinol for tightening, you can walk out looking years younger as skin will be more hydrated and nourished looking for a healthier you!

Call Doctors Clinic of Houston today and schedule your medical spa facial – treatments for a healthier you! With 6 locations in the Greater Houston area, one is convenient to your home or work. Call today. You are worth it!

Well, just maybe it’s not what you’re eating

Have you ever had one of those months when no matter what exercise you did or how many miles you walked, the pounds did not melt away? Well, maybe it’s not only the amount of calories; the carbohydrates, or the fats that are in the foods you are eating, you may need some medical assistance. We have 6 weight loss nurses available to answer your questions so call us today or make an appointment to visit with one of our doctors…and see how jealous your friends will become when you lose the weight.